• Berries

  • What kind of equipment do I need to pick berries?

    Bring several shallow containers with lids. Segregate the berries by container, so the very ripe and soft berries that will easily get squished (ideal for jam or juice) go in one, and the sturdy berries you can use whole go in another. Be careful not to put too many berries on top of each other—those on the bottom will soon be crushed. If you are out picking raspberries, blackberries or sea buckthorn, which all have nasty thorns, bring gloves and wear long sleeves and pants to avoid cuts and scratches.

  • How do I clean the berries?

    Clean the berries as soon as you get home by rinsing them carefully in a colander, and leave them out to dry on a piece of cloth. If you have a batch comprising both whole and smashed berries, put a dry dish towel over a cutting board, tilt the board, and pour the berries down the makeshift ramp. The smashed berries will have a tendency to stick to the tea towel, while the whole berries will trickle down and land on the table.